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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Hi! This is me!

Well, here we are then. I’m starting a blog. You may be wondering how I, a soon-to-be Illustration graduate, ended up here. (You’re not). Well, let me take you back to not very long ago…

For the past month or so, as deadlines were looming closer and closer, the stress of my Illustration degree got me thinking. Maybe, just maybe, I might have picked the wrong course to be on?

A little back story for you all – Illustration is, in fact, the second degree I have studied, with Fine Art being the first. But, due to getting attacked after a terrible Tinder date and then dealing with the shock of my wonderful Nan passing away (both of which I’m sure will come up in blog posts yet to come), I found myself not being able to finish my second year, so I was faced with a choice. I could either; a) redo my second year of Fine Art (in which I was painting crudely-coloured and smiley-faced penises the size of a wall because my tutor liked them), or; b) change direction and redo my second year on a different course. I, being a bit of a slut for fresh starts, decided to change direction, and after a little bit of research decided that Illustration was going to be The One. ‘The One’ being a course I actually excelled in with minimum effort and plenty of praise. Of course, looking back I realise now that this was never going to happen, although I wish I had known just how difficult Illustration would be.

Don’t get me wrong, I may not have loved every minute of it, but I’ve certainly got a lot from it. And I mean A LOT. The first poster I ever illustrated on the course popped up in my Facebook Memories the other day, and it was actually a bit of a shock to see just how terrible I was, and ultimately how much I have improved. Having struggled with my confidence in the subject for quite a long time, it was nice to be reminded that, although I still have a long way to go, I’ve also come a pretty long way.

Despite this small reminder that I’m not actually That Bad, it didn’t stop me from thinking that I still haven’t found my Thing, and the closer we got to deadlines, the more I thought about my plans for after university. I had a couple of interviews for marketing/social media based jobs (something else I thought I might like to do instead of illustration), but nothing was really jumping out at me, and I started to panic as I realised that I’m a 22 year old almost-graduate who still doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up.

Fast forward to today, and the one thing that has been playing on my mind for a while is the slightly regretful thought that I should have done English. It’s with that in mind that I’ve decided to take up blogging again. I’ve had a number of blogs over the years, from my 14-year-old emo Tumblr days, to the creative blog I kept when I started to focus on making illustrations to sell online. This time, however, I want to focus on the actual writing. My aim is to get back into writing for an audience, and to build up a portfolio whilst navigating what’s probably going to be the craziest 6 months of my life. So this is your invitation to join me in my struggles, (hopefully) my achievements, and the beginning of my journey to becoming a Real Proper Adult.

It’s time to start a new chapter; literally.

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