Positively Loz is a blog for anyone who wants to learn to take better care of themselves and the planet. 


Founded in 2019, I began this blog as a way to share my journey towards sustainability. Whilst educating myself on environmental issues I soon realised that the wellbeing of ourselves and the Earth are intrinsically linked; we need to take care of both for everyone and everything to thrive! So, with that in mind, Positively Loz developed a new goal; to bridge the gap between sustainability and self-care.

I like to use my own journey and experiences to do this, often drawing on mindfulness, mental health, and intention setting in my writing. Over on my Instagram you will also find me delving into astrology, crystal healing, and other holistic methods too.


I love to learn, and both myself and my blog are continuously growing. So, if you fancy joining me on this journey then feel free to pour yourself a nice cuppa (or a glass of wine!) and get comfy!

This is a zero-judgement space, and I hope you enjoy your stay x 

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