Positively Loz is a blog for anyone who wants to learn to take better care of themselves and the planet. 

I began this blog after finishing uni, moving to Milton Keynes, and realising that I didn’t actually want to do anything with my Illustration degree. I had spent the past four years studying something that made me unhappy and as soon as I left that environment, I realised that I hadn’t been taking care of myself in the slightest. So, I made some changes. 

I started to learn how to look after myself, I worked on my self-love and confidence which I had lost whilst at uni, became more mindful, and I spent time working out what it was I did enjoy. Which, it turns out, was writing, social media, and learning to be more eco-friendly. So, I did the only thing that made sense – I became a sustainability blogger! 

Since then I’ve carried on growing. I got a job as a digital marketing and design specialist, curated my own corner of the internet to call my own, and worked with some amazing brands and bloggers. I’ve even picked up the paintbrushes again!

But, I’m still developing and learning, which makes my blog a continuous documentation of my journey. Feel free to make yourself a brew and join me as I continue to learn how to take care of myself and planet Earth. 

This is a zero-judgement space, and I hope you enjoy your stay x 

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