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I'm Loz, a 20 something writer, digital marketer, and earth-lover from Milton Keynes.

I’m going to be real with you, writing ‘about me’ pages are hard. Which is weird, because I love to write. I filled over 30 notebooks with diary excerpts growing up, and I love to chat about anything and everything that fills my brain and keeps me up at night on my Instagram page. But, for some reason, this one page of my blog always seems to escape me.

I guess, if I use the traits I was born with (i.e. my overly analytical nature that having a moon in Virgo gives me), I can see that the reason I struggle to write about myself is because I’m always changing.

I change my mind, my interests, my dress sense, my blog colour scheme, my favourite song (etc. etc.) at least every month. And each time I change this page to fit. So, I’ve decided that, instead of telling you about who I want to be right now, I will just tell you this:

I’m Loz. Me. And, no matter what phase I feel I’m in, from artist to astrology, self-care to sustainability, and even that god-awful Hello Kitty phase I had at the age of 18, there is one thing that I have never stopped being:


So, this blog is me, sharing my passion(s) with you all. And yes, they may change over time, but I’ve come to realise that is okay. I don’t need to fit into a ‘one size fits all’ mould. I can still be genuinely, 100% me whilst loving lots of things.

I welcome you to come along and share your loves with me too. Feel free to pop your head in, say hello, and tell me all the weird and wonderful things that tickle your fancy! I won’t judge!


The planet (and how to save it), the universe (and how to save myself from it), and my journey into adulthood, in which I am currently learning how to take care of myself, others, and Mother Earth at the same time.


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